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Texas Weather Catastrophes Property / Casualty
Texas Weather Catastrophes
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04/21/2016 Costliest Texas Storms
2016 Dollars
04/21/2016 Costliest Texas Storms
Insured Losses - Actual Dollars
03/09/2016 Confirmed Texas Tornadoes
05/30/2013 History of Texas Hail Storms
(interactive map)
12/14/2012 History of Texas Tornadoes
(interactive map)
08/22/2011 TWIA Fact Sheet
01/22/2010 Texas Hurricanes
10/20/2008 Paths of all named hurricanes that have hit Texas 1957 to present
10/20/2008 Named hurricanes that have hit Texas 1957 to present
08/04/2008 Catastrophic phone numbers for ins. companies
02/06/2008 Deadliest Texas Storms
Property / Casualty
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04/04/2016 USAA It Can Wait

State Farm survey on distracted driving

Allstate's Reality Rides

03/19/2015 ICT produced a 6 minute Student Recruitment Video (click link to view)

ICT produced a condensed 2 minute version of the Student Recruitment Video (click link to view)
03/18/2015 Ambulance Chasers and Roofing Fraud (video) (click link to view)
03/18/2015 Auto Insurance 101 (video) (click link to view)
03/09/2015 Lock, Take and Hide - ICT Crime Prevention Program
03/05/2015 Industry Economic Impact Report
02/24/2015 ICT Makes ATAC Happen
10/17/2013 We're Out to Alarm Texas
03/24/2011 Texas Committee on Insurance Fraud
01/25/2011 Ambulance Chasing Alive and Well
09/16/2009 Fraud Committee Fights for HB 148
06/01/2009 Anti-Fraud Legislation headed to Governor
03/12/2009 Telemarketers More Brazen, Legislation Introduced
01/15/2008 Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA)
01/15/2008 The FAIR (Fair Access to Insurance Requirements) Plan
01/03/2008 Texas Fraud Committee Questions Toyota TV Spots
10/31/2006 Credit Scores
01/09/2003 Homeowners Crisis in Texas
01/09/2003 Lloyds Companies of Texas